Alchemy of Trial

Conquered, smoldering form
A new terror


Depression Mantra

Out of this circle is a future a future
a future out of this circle is a path hewn
From the depths of the well
I climb I climb
I climb
From the depths of the well
I seek light


Breathing my ribs light up
Billows across the coals
Each inhalation
these sacred life rituals
tracing the pattern of my ceramics
A wicked corset fashioned of cattlebrands and honey locust
Painted with brambles and blackberries
The oxygen is free
So I breathe
And live
In unrepentant mouse gasps
Carrying the snapped trap
Feeding freely from the cupboards of God

Two Poems about the Beach


  I know this shoreline
the crusts of horizon
        delicious and untouched
  I blink a welcome
        to the yolk colored surf
as the ocean murmurs in uncoded tongue
     I parallel its encroach
             and run

Murmur ocean
thine uncoded tongue
And I will not interpret thee
But lose my language
in thy soft song

Journey, continued

This room is
The Unknown
But not really-
Step in… Becomes known.
If you would join me-
We could chase it through
There- now hold on-
-donuts in the hole!!
She jumps arms buckle him to chest
Whispers near his wide eyes
As wind times laps
Housed in open ears
What he hears
Unknown realizes fear
For one day we will catch it
She snaps off their axis and the shifting shrinking shadow turns monstrous to consume
Bare voice stripped by strain
Look- open your eyes. hello? Remember.
This is your second lesson- remember.
Good. No ballet today.
And the third
Not who joins you to face the unknown-
But who holds fast when unknown is known
not as a gentle beast chased and driven daily

but a thing that will fling you wild from your bed mid-snore
And not count your falling

He peeks

Bold adventurer
Steps doubled now-
Scurrying no. As bold as heartbeat.
A light into the abyss
Truly once discovered, this room
Remains undiscovered
We are surrounded!

Her laughter surprises him

Even the mapped sections engulfed
Rhythm and life
learning to dance!!
Eternal tripping over the
Marvelous Un!
Marvelous Known Un’d and Un and ReUn’d
Look! Look up!

Doubles the Disco point
She spins in her Glee
But he is quiet
Lost in thought
Her head cocks
Her feet find his heartbeat
Mumbling known through the decades
Still creaking under his cling
Side to side
Side to side

All that I have touched is known to me
And remains storied prisms
I forget sometimes of different nows
Time passes unaided
Stick up to your tiptoes and you’ll die screaming
Surrounded is all, love
Surrounded is wonderful once known
Doubled horrid a suffocating unrestful sheet
Past bubbles up
To know a begin is to know an end
A nest in a palm
She smooths her hair over his head so it does not tickle his ears till the stuttering air runs clear

And which will I be I wonder I fear

He rubs the tickle from his ear.
Hello again, my child! Past never pockets. Let’s
off in that direction where the library is. Was. Will be. We’ll see.
She guffaws. A most unladylike reflex, but unpracticed, and true.

His arms and legs wrap through her heavy wings -so she runs -feathers akimbo
Unknown ever retreating
Ever presenting
And faith riddled

he whispers
Did it answer you?
He smiles.
he shouts
dangling hands free from her wings
Mischievous grin
his echo
Eyes wide
He wonders; he fears